IoT Accelerator Framework!

Welcome! You are at the portal for our IoT/Cloud Accelerator Framework a distribution of several Open-Source software applications, libraries and stacks that we have integrated to provide an end-to-end IoT/Cloud solution. The framework consists of a suite of IoT Applications running on embedded clients such as sensor platforms and access gateways; a cloud-based real-time IoT platform and a suite of IoT centric back-end cloud services.

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IoT Application

Embedded System:

  • Sender, Client
  • Websockets, REST API, etc.
  • MQTT, COAP, etc.

Sensor Suite:

  • Discrete Sensor Drivers;
  • BLE GATT Server

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IoT Cloud Platform

Real-Time Processor:

  • Listener, Server
  • Websockets, REST API, etc.
  • MQTT, COAP, etc.

Fast Data Handler:

  • Data Manager: Parser, Classifier, Persistence
  • Real-time Analytics, Event Handling

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IoT Cloud Services

IoT Control Center:

  • Responsive Dashboards
  • Mobile PUSH Notifications, etc.
  • Service Orchestration.

Big Data Analytics:

  • Data Mining: BI, Profiles, Learning,
  • Off-line Analytics, Data-Bridging

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